Monday, December 1, 2008

A Home for the Holidays!

Well, I sure did pull a fast one over on this guy. His daughter Paige is a volunteer with Adopt a Golden Atlanta and knew he was in Birmingham on business. They heard I was there and needed rescuing so she talked him into giving me a ride on his way back home. Let's just say the next stop was his house and I haven't left since!

After picking me up, he started to think I was kinda cute and sweet. After about an hour in the car, he called his daughter and said he was keeping me! Yippee!! She was floored cuz they already have a rescued Lab and weren't planning on getting a second pup. And dad was a little nervous about what mom would say too. But I handled that lickety split.

I now have a new name - Lucy - cuz Biscuit Bea was a little cumbersome. And I have a new buddy – Duke - to romp and wrestle with, new parents to run circles around, new fun places to visit and explore, and a giant family full of dog lovers.
What a wonderful holiday it's going to be for me!! Thank you Paige, AGA, and DAD!!!

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