Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ouch! My leg!

Hello, my name is Chester and I am one lucky guy. I'm from Chattooga County and had been sitting in someone's yard for days. My leg hurt really bad. The Animal Control people came and got me and took me to the shelter where they realized that I had broken my leg. Duh! I tried to tell everyone that a car hit me but no one spoke dog. But here's where the luck came in.
The nicest lady I ever met (her name is Gail Pickel) drove to get me and then drove me all the way to Buckhead to the vet. They told her that I was in shock and really needed to go to Georgia Veterinary Specialists pronto.

So Miss Gail got me back in her car and drove me to GVS. which is in a place called Sandy Springs. They put me on this really cool table with wheels - wheeee! Then they gave me something so I could sleep and I had surgery. That went really well and I got a "fixator" on my leg. Not sure what that is, but I like the word "fix" on it. They say I should recover faster this way.

You can see a picture of me here at the shelter - boy was I sad and hurting. But thanks to AGA, Miss Gail, the people who donate money (my surgery costs $3000), and all the doctors, I am going to find a forever family and live a fabulous life!!! Yippee!!


The Whitfields said...

He will find a great home!

Autumn said...

Get well soon Chester