Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You to our Birmingham Friends!

Lorraine, Barbara and Jennifer have hearts of gold! They held a wine tasting and silent auction this weekend at Pleasure Is All Wine in Birmingham. Today they let us know they are sending AGA a check for over $5,000!! This donation is in memory of their wonderful goldens Rusty and Abby.

From all our orphans, adoptees, supporters, volunteers and board of directors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fair and Augusta

Hello Adopt a Golden Atlanta –

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much my life has changed in the past 6 months. If you remember, I was a skinny, heartworm positive, gal – missing a lot of hair – rescued from a shelter near Augusta. You called me Savannah, took me to a great doctor who treated my heartworms. Then, a great mom and dad asked to foster me through my heartworm treatment. They picked me up on a Friday during the Master’s Tournament. . . and by the time Angel Cabrera won on Sunday. . . I had won as well by winning a place in their hearts forever. Mom and dad have a niece named Savannah, so they started calling me Augusta – since I came from around there and was happy to hang out and watch the Master’s Tournament with them.

In addition to mom and dad being the greatest, I also have an older brother Fairchild (we call him Fair around the house) who was also rescued by Adopt a Golden Atlanta, and three cat siblings. . . Mom and dad say Fair is acting a lot younger than his 9 years now that I am around to keep things exciting!

I love my family and all of the great things we do together. Mom and dad have taken us to the mountains a few times so that Fair and I can swim in the lakes and hike up to see some pretty waterfalls. We also go for lots of walks and have a great big back-yard for exploring. Now that I am healthy and my hair grown out, mom and dad can’t take me for a walk without being told what a pretty girl I am. . . I sure do love the attention!

Well, I should probably go. It is about time for Fair and me to go for a walk. I asked mom to include a picture of me and Fair hanging out last night – I’m the one in the front.

Thank you Adopt a Golden Atlanta. . . without your help and the work of all of your volunteers, I would not have the life that I do today. I am one happy girl and thankful to be living the golden life!

Lots of licks and love,