Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rusty (AGA Marmaduke) Attends a Thrashers Game

Clearly, I have a way with the ladies. This Thrashers girl was soooooo nice!

A bunch of us goldens and our parents went out to watch a little ice hockey and raise some money for AGA. I had a fantastic time! It was easy getting people to buy raffle tickets from me- I just turned on the charm! In addition to money they gave me lots of snuggles, pats, chats and love.

I also got to watch the game from the stands! Shout out to the Budweiser beer guy who gave me 2 cups of ice to crunch. I made sure to show my appreciation by keeping the area around our seats nice and clean of any stray popcorn.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Banjo (AGA Mr. Bojangles) Turns Seven!

It's supposed to be a secret but I heard Dad say we're having hot dogs for dinner to celebrate my birthday!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brodie Writes AGA a Letter


Thanks for my forever family! Every day my Mom & Dad tell me how beautiful I am and that I am a very good girl. The last seven months have been great. I also have three older brothers - who I love. I get so excited when they come and visit me. My brothers say that I am crazy – but, good crazy. Every night, I wait in my bed for my Mom & Dad to fall asleep, and then I quietly jump into their bed and snuggle with my Daddy – What could be better? – Nothing!!!

I am so happy - I am also an AGA volunteer! I help other Orphans, like I was – who need guidance and support as they search for their forever families. Tillie (formerly Gucci), Ben and Ginger came and stayed with me as they looked for their forever families. I helped them find great homes. Tillie was only with us for a short time – she was a lot of fun – she was my first foster sissy. Then came Ben. Ben was so smart (and handsome too!). One time he ate a whole bag of rolls – and he didn’t even get in trouble – I call that smart! Ginger helped me learn to share – she slept in my bed and played with my toys – and I was okay with it, I knew it would help her become Golden like me. I can’t wait to meet my next foster sister or brother.

I have also visited many families and it was my job to give my paw of approval and make sure it would be a great home for one of my Golden friends.

This week I am going to the Thrasher Game to sell raffle tickets – Dad & I will have a lot of fun.

I am proud to be an AGA Alumnus & Volunteer!

Love & Puppy Kisses,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AGA Founder Goes Shopping

Some women buy shoes. Lauren stocks up on dog toys. Thanks for starting this great organization and saving so many pups!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Troop Writes AGA a Letter

Well, I gotta tell you. This sure beats being tied to a tree! I'm writing to tell you how happy I am. I sleep in the big bed with my human and my new brother Champ (he's the one on the right in our Valentine's picture -- I've never quite figured out what it is he looks so worried about.)

My favorite thing is trips to the dog park several times a week. I hook up with all sorts of other dogs and run and wrestle and play and then go slobber on a human. What a hoot! I get to chase a lot of balls and would love to chase that purple frisbee but that big gray pit bull hogs it the whole time and who's gonna argue with a pit bull? Not me! I do like the humans a lot. I have this really charming move that I do, running right up to them, immediately sitting at their feet and looking up adoringly. So far, nobody's been able to resist so I get a lot of hugs and kisses (not big, wet sloppy dog kisses - the soft kind that humans give - but a fella can't complain. They mean well.)

Anyway, I just wanted to write and tell you how sweet life is for me now, and for my new brother and my new human, too, since they can't imagine life without me. And to thank you for finding me and saving me and making sure I had a good home to go to. I don't know about all the different kinds of humans, but I do know this -- you humans at AdoptAGoldenAtlanta are angels.

Your friend,

Thursday, March 4, 2010