Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tanner (Rocky) Checks In One Year Later

I am emailing to let you all know this is my 1 year anniversary since coming to my new home! I was adopted by Katherine Hawkins and her family and life here is sweet!!!!!!!I have my sister Lucy and my cat siblings, Jake and Marina to play with. Lucy, Jake and I hang out and snuggle all the time, especially Jake. (Marina is a loner, so I just say hi! with a sniff as she walks by.)After my surgery and recovery, I am now able to hop up on the furniture with ease to sleep with my humans. They were so happy to see my progress that they let me sleep wherever I want! Isn't that AWESOME!!!!Christmas was great, the best yet! Santa brought everyone presents and I got a new snowman, deer antlers and some snacks in my stocking! I'm very friendly now, and not as nervous around new people anymore. People are actually really great!
I don't hang outside ALL the time like I used to. Now I usually opt for staying inside when it rains, like Lucy! She has taught me tons about how to be a spoiled rotten doggy!Katherine has taught me some basic commands like sit and stay, so I get a little treat! My mom says I smell like chicken every time she kisses me!I love waking my family up by laying on their chest and licking their face until they wake up. Lucy helps, too. She stands on the side of the bed and breathes directly into my mom's or dad's face. (This "applying hot-breath while licking the face" is a very effective method-works every time!) I had my yearly check-up in December. The doctor said I am in great shape! Everyone at the doc's office kisses me like crazy and they all think I am the cutest dog ever! Wow! (I weigh 51 pounds now and run like the wind!)Thank you Adopt A Golden for finding me and helping me find a good home. Being loved so much by so many is the best!!!!Here's to wet noses and wagging tails! Tanner Hawkins

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Huntley Is Adopted!

Check it out: I have a last name! I even have a beautiful new collar that says HUNTLEY BROWN on it. My new parents rock! They heard about me, drove here from North Carolina to meet me, and that was that. I hear that my new place is beautiful and there are two cats (which I love) to play with. But best of all, my parents who will spend every minute with me. I'll never be left outside again - and they said absolutely no electric collars - whew!

High Point, NC is about six hours away from Atlanta so when it was suggested that I jump into the very back of the car I had to mention that I would be much more comfy in the backseat. They said okay and here I am getting ready to go!
Thanks, AGA, for stepping up to help great pyrenees too. We really appreciate it. Hope all the others get a wonderful life like me! Woof! Woof!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Orphans: Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

Okay, we're not really outlaws, but we did chew our leashes in half and jump all over our rescuer's car. But we were just so happy to have been rescued that we wanted to give her some big sloppy kisses. Apparently this is not so appreciated by someone who is driving. Who knew?
Sundance Kid is in the top photo - he's a little smaller than me. And maybe calmer. I'm the one with my eyes closed - I always do that when I get my picture taken, don't you? We are about one year old and we sure would like to get new families. Please check out our stories and those of the other orphans who arrived this week on the website. And come meet us at Adoption Day on February 1st!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Orphans of the Month - Waggles and Scarlett

Waggles and Scarlett are a great pair! Waggles is a five-year-old Golden Retriever, and Scarlett is a ten-year-old cockazu (a mix of a cocker spaniel and shitzu). They love each other very much and are looking for a home together. Watch this video to see January's Orphans of the Month playing at their foster home.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reagan and Rusty's Life on the Coast

Rusty and I just love coastal living. Yesterday it was 82 and Rusty swam for over an hour. He just swims all round just because he can. He has gotten very good at going all the way under looking for crabs or whatever on the bottom. He scavenges and brings Mom and Dad his treasures. I just want people to throw me stuff. Like a ball.
Rusty doesn't run and catch stuff as good as me. They say he's "efficient" but I say he's lazy. However, he will swim forever so I guess that's something.

After a day of playing in the water, we are always just, well, dog-tired. Thanks AGA for finding both of us this great home!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mookie The Babysitter

I love babies! Which turns out to be a good thing, cuz my new family has two that look exactly alike.
Thanks, AGA, for finding me new parents, a great human brother and sister, and these two little girls to take care of. I think I will be very busy for a long, long time.
Mookie (formerly Milky)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year from Berkley

Happy New Year!

My name was formerly, “Sweet Potato”. I thought that I came from one big litter with 4 litter mates but I did not know that I was going into an even bigger litter! This “litter” had nine children awaiting my arrival! Can you believe it?

There also was this wonderful golden retriever named Bromley who had been very depressed as he had lost his best buddy Bailey. Bailey lived for 13 years and I heard that she was the best. It was my job to bring back a little more joy into this house. (Did I tell you that they also have two ragdoll kitties?!) Needless to say there has not been a dull moment.

I do have to confess I did make one silly mistake. It was Christmas Eve and everyone was excited, including me. For a short time they all went to church and put me safely in my crate with Bromley next to me keeping me company. I could have sworn I heard those reindeer on the roof and I wanted to see them. Bromley kept telling me that I needed to just wait but I couldn’t, so I worked on my crate until I felt a big owie!! Yes, I broke my toe at the age of 10 weeks and had a little splint. It was not fun but I did get a lot of TLC!!!

If you look at my picture I am getting bigger and bigger. Little Walker told his mommy that he could no longer pick me up but that he could still give me kisses. I think one of the best things about being in this family is all the little kisses I get and the secrets they all tell me when they snuggle up to me at different times.

I almost forgot to tell you that my name is Berkley. Maybe , just maybe, that means we will all go to California and I can play in the ocean. Right now I am happier than happier to be safe, rescued and loved. Thank you Adopt a Golden for saving my Mommy, my siblings and ME.

Wet kisses and big hugs,