Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finnegan's Got a Home!!!!!

I know you all remember me from the last few adoption days. I sat in front, the strong dark haired gentleman, I'm sure you'll recall {I look like I might have an old classy Southern drawl}.... And everyone passed by me (I'm rather stoic, ah say - that is.... Reserved....) and went straight to the blond haired young bucks that were clambering for attention.....

Well guess what? I'm HOME now!!! My vet says I'm "gorgeous" and everyone says I'm the most handsome man they've ever seen. My family and I are head over heels for each other - and "right at home" in my new house is an understatement. I'm even showing them what an old professional like me can do when those pesky squirrels get in the back yard! I'm loving long naps and I'm velcro on Mom now that I'm home, too. I just knew my family would come one day - so I hung on tight - just for them.

Thank You all so much for helping me find my forever home!



Chloe Lives! But still needs Your Help!

Check out our friend Chloe - "The Little Pup that Could". We need some generous folks to help us with her medical needs... But the great news is - She's gonna make it!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Double your Retriever!

Hey Guys! I'm Ruby - one of the Breeder 21 pups - I was adopted and then I told mom I really wanted a big sister - so 'voila!' - I inspired my bff Sophie's adoption! We're Double the Fun!!!

Look Mom - We're British! Kiss Kiss! We're an Extremely affectionate family....

Another game we like to play: "Guess where the Golden starts?"Another score for the AGA team! Is Doublemint Gum still around?? I see two stars here!!! Call an agent!

Bye Bye Bibi :)

A Bittersweet message for all of her friends. Sweet 16 year old Bibi of Bibi&Yang fame (recent video post if you'll recall -on facebook) - was peacefully taken to the Rainbow Bridge in her sunny backyard with a belly full of treats yesterday after a few months of complicated health problems. She was surrounded by her very dearest friends - her best mate Yang, "adopted son" Andy, and her human mommy. Bibi had a wonderful 16 years and the last few with some really great buddies. Her foster mom couldn't part with Bibi or her friend Yang once she took them in - and they got to live together in Bibi's last years in the lap of luxury and happiness.Thank you to everyone that made this girl's life great! We know she'll be our AGA receptionist at the Golden Gates :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enough... Is... Enough!!!

Hey AGA Friends! ****Bailey Here! My family brought me home from AGA 3 years ago - and I sure have been enjoying the run of the house.... Well - in walks little miss "Lola" (adopted in March from AGA!) - and this little ball of fluff sure thinks she owns the place! She certainly tries to get on my nerves - but she's too cute so I just let it all slide. Here is baby Lola is "helping me" with my nap!!! Little sisters - gotta love 'em! **** Love, Saint Bailey McPatience

I Hereby Claim this Bed for Sovereign Moosey!

Sorry - Bassett friend, this bed is claimed for me, Moosey! You'll just have to wait your turn!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Conway Goes Home!!!

Hey Everyone!

It's me Conway - and boy do I feel lucky! My new family, the Verdeyens, picked me out of 8 littermates at Russell Ridge this weekend. I know it was a tough decision - but after much thought - I won the vote!!!! I have a sister Golden, 2 teenage "sisters", and my Mom works at home - so I'm set for a super fun life! Thank you all so much for the chance to meet such a great Forever Family!

Love, Conway