Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pooh Bear Princess??

Hi, I'm Pooh Bear (I'm a guy) and my mom and my sister Kate made me dress up as a princess! What were they thinking? Kate turned 3 and all a the sudden I'm supposed to be a princess?? But, it was kind of fun, she had all her princess friends and they all treated me like--well, a princess!!! A princess for a day, who's complaining?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bella Lives the Good Life ... Now!

This is Bella here (I used to be called Butterscotch). I had a pretty tough time before the people of Adopt A Golden found me. I was scared a lot of the time and liked to hang out in my crate where I felt safe. But a great thing happened to me! I found my Forever Family and they have loved me into being a strong, silly and loving girl. I LOVE life. I go on walks every day and my job is to be the family comedian. Every day I do silly (and sometimes mischievious) things to make my Forever Family laugh. I always get lots of love and treats from my very own two kids, Patrick and Elizabeth, and my Dad. I have so many friends in my neighborhood! I like to to outside to bark and say hi. My new family includes a dog named Max who is my best dog pal and (ssshhhh) I totally have my mom wrappped around my paw! Life is good!

Thank you Adopt A Golden for changing my life!

Hugs and licks,