Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Look Adorable If I Want To

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday handsome Banjo, happy birthday to me!” 

Hi – it’s Banjo! And yes, I am talking about myself in the third person. But it’s my Birthday and I’m the king. Actually, my birthday was yesterday, but I ate too many treats, got extra loving from my family and played a little too hard. I’m exhausted from all the birthday celebrations but I did just turn 9-years-old, so it was totally worth it. 

To be honest, my birthday was pretty amazing, but I think a big reason why I’m so happy is that it’s about to be five years since the best family in the world took me into their loving home, and made me one of their own. I have never felt so cherished, protected and wanted. My past is a distant memory, let’s just say it wasn’t a good life. However, my tail wags and my heart sparkles when I think about the fact that I was saved by the wonderful people at Adopt A Golden Atlanta. I am not only thankful to AGA for saving my life, but for also helping me find the perfect family; a family that truly loves me and has helped me overcome some issues and become the happy boy I am today. I wish I would have saved some birthday treats to share with the people at AGA but they were so tasty I couldn’t resist. Woof! Woof!

In other news, my birthday is next year on March 20…. Just kidding! The real news is that my boy Patrick, the most awesome human brother to ever walk the universe, made the UGA spring football team. Woof! I’m so happy. I guess you could say I’m a very proud DAWG!

Well, AGA -- I just wanted to fill ya’ll in on my birthday festivities and wanted to say – thank you, again!

Lots of wet kisses and happy barks,


P.S.- I would like to thank my dad, Dan, for an awesome birthday party. “Dan, you’re the man… I mean – you rock, dad!”

Monday, March 12, 2012

Diesel Houston is Adjusting to the Time Change

Dear humans – My name is Diesel Houston and I am having a very hard time adjusting to this whole time change idea. Why did I have to wake-up early today? Why did I have to go to sleep while it was still bright last night? I don’t quite get these changes. All I really know is that I’m sleepy and will cuddle with my stuffed animals until this all make sense.

Sweet dreams you funny time-changing people!


Diesel Houston

Toby Thanks AGA's Online Shop

Hi everyone! My name is Toby, but my mom also calls me the “perfect son.” I earned that title a few days ago after buying my mom awesome AGA apparel from the Golden Gear online shop. She loved everything and the best part – I got lots of belly rubs and kisses. 

My mom even said that when our family is ready to adopt another dog, it will surely be an AGA Golden. I bet my future dog brother or sister will get her more goodies from the AGA shop, too!

Thank you, AGA! You all are amazing at everything you do.

Woof Woof,