Monday, September 26, 2011

Vanilla Rules the Roost

Look how much Vanilla (a Golden/Great Pyrenees mix) has grown since she was adopted 2 years ago! It’s hard to believe that Vanilla, once this tiny little pup, is now bigger than all of her Golden siblings!

Say “Cheese!” Have you ever seen such a big smile? Vanilla’s Dad says his happy girl spends her nights sleeping snuggly in the bath tub when she isn’t guarding the foot of her Dad’s bed.

This look says it all, Vanilla is clearly the furry queen of the house!

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Raining Puppies!

Wellesley and his new Mom are as happy as can be together!

Wellesley’s Mom isn’t the only one ecstatic to have her around; Wellesley’s sister Bunny is pretty excited to have a new playmate too!

Adorable brother and sister Princeton and Sarah (now Colby)Lawrence are so thrilled to be able to stick together as they join their big, happy forever family! Living with their Mom, Dad, three human siblings, and 2 kitties, not to mention they have a pool to splash around in, there will always be something fun for these pups to do!

Yale was adopted this weekend by neighbors of his foster parents, a wonderful retired couple with plenty of time to play with their pup! After losing their 13 year old golden in May, it seems that Yale was just meant to be! Yale is looking forward to meeting his parents’ children, grandchildren, and grandogs; he can’t wait to go to the family’s lake house either!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AGA Fosters Needed: Can You Help?

These last few months have been VERY challenging for our rescue.  We have seen so many dogs displaced.  

The list of reasons is endless and so heart wrenching:  I do not want the responsibility any longer.  I cannot afford vet care.  I cannot afford food.  I do not have time for the dog.

One thing that makes Adopt A Golden Atlanta such an incredible rescue is our foster program.  Our rescue is known for taking the needed step of fostering to ensure a successful adoption for the human and dog.  People come to AGA because we take the time to place a dog in a foster home and figure out what the dog needs to thrive and be happy. 

Guess what?  We need help.  We need fosters. Many dogs cannot begin their journey to a forever home until they go to a foster.  If a foster is not available, dogs are stuck at the vet or stuck in boarding with an undetermined wait time.

Will you help?  Fostering a dog is a wonderful gift.  If you adopted from us, someone did it for your dog.  Someone bridged the gap for your dog between orphan and adoptee.  Have you ever thought about it?  

We would love to talk to you about being a foster.  Give a Golden a little bit of your time…the reward is happiness for so many!!