Monday, January 30, 2012

Chief is Going to the Beach for Good!

Dear AGA:

I wanted to tell everyone that my dad has decided to move back to the beach for good. WOOF, WOOF! I’m very happy. Also, thanks to my family at AGA. This great adventure I’m about to embark on, would not be possible without your help.

P.S. My dad is awesome! He takes me on a lot of walks; so much walking that it has even helped my dad lose some extra pounds. We love to talk during car rides and I also enjoy watching TV with him. If you watch really close, you may even catch my TV debut.

I love everyone at AGA.

Thanks for everything you do!

Jay and Chief

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life According to Crosby

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while, but I have been very busy spending time with my new family since they adopted me back in June. You wouldn't believe how fantastic my parents and human siblings are. My mom says that I love “my people” and that I don’t like to be by myself, but to be perfectly honest – I just can’t get enough of them.

I have to tell you about the strangest but most awesome game ever… It’s called Hide and Seek. Here is how the game works: When my family and I go for a hike, my mom will have me stay with her and my human siblings will run down the trails and hide from me. As soon as mom screams "free" I get to take off at full speed to find the kids. It’s like magic, one minute they are there and the next they aren't. Oh, I love Hide and Seek!

Another one of my favorite activities is playing in water and mud. Here are some before and after pictures from one of my mud adventures.

Before playing in the mud: I have to say –I’m a handsome puppy.

After playing in the mud: Although my mom has a look of terror on her face, I know she is really thinking, “Crosby, you’re such a rugged, good-looking son.”

Before I go back to spending time with my family, I have to share some great news. I’m going to the beach for spring break! WOOF! WOOF! I’m so excited to play in the surf, roll around in the sand and make new memories to share with you.

Overall, I have to say the last couple of months have been the most wonderful time in my entire life. I could not have asked for a better family or forever home. I am forever grateful to AGA for making all of my dreams come true. I truly am the luckiest dog.

Thanks for keeping all of my secrets.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YEAH! BURGER in Va-Hi Makes My Tail Wag Today

Today has been a good day! I woke up, stretched, enjoyed some of my tasty dog food and mom even brought me to work with her. However, since the minute we stepped inside the office everyone has been talking about eating tasty hamburgers and hot dogs from YEAH! BURGER. So you’re probably wondering – why is there is so much buzz about YEAH! BURGER today at the office? As your trusted source on all things tasty, here is the inside scoop:

  • Ten percent of today’s sales at YEAH! BURGER in Virginia Highland will go straight to Adopt a Golden Atlanta rescue program for golden retrievers. The Virginia Highland location throws a weekly “Feel Good Tuesday” promotion and passes 10 percent of the day’s sales to a varying cause or charity.

As some of you know, before I found my forever home with Melissa, I was also an AGA dog. Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to go to YEAH! BURGER in Virginia Highland because not only will you be helping other fine fellows like me with every purchase, but you will also get to delight your taste-buds with a YUMMY, TASTY, JUICY hamburger.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with my thoughts about this hamburger frenzy.

  • How lucky are humans to be able to go enjoy those delicious and oh so tasty hamburgers and hot dogs. WOOF YUM!
  • I love hamburgers… Tasty hamburgers…. Luscious hamburgers!
  • Thank you YEAH! BURGER for supporting Adopt a Golden. You guys are the best!
  • Humans: Order a burger or hot dog to help a golden with a cold, wet nose.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, filled with mouth-watering hamburgers from YEAH! BURGER.

Lots of love and kisses,


PS- Did I mention I’m craving a hamburger?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Andy's Awesome New "Dog Cave"

Below is a letter from Andy thanking AGA president, Lauren Genkinger, for matching him with the perfect family. He has also included a couple of photos in his special 'cave'.

Dear Lauren,

I've asked for help sending you a short note - my paws are too big for the keyboard! I'm writing to say "thank you" for matching me with the V is a forever home! I'm still a little shy sometimes, but they understand that I need some time to really relax. But you can tell I look pretty relaxed in my picture.

Can you believe I have my own "dog cave"? It's like a man cave only better! It's a covered porch with all my toys and a comfy sofa.

I love my long walks with "my guy". I'm man-shy, but "my guy" is very patient and just keeps petting and talking sweetly to me. He told his wife that resistance is futile - I'll love him best in 2012! I think he might be right.

My new family has 3 grandchildren who like to play and they treat me very well. Lots of ball throwing, chasing, pats and belly rubs. I also have a beagle "cousin" came to visit Christmas Day and she loved to play too! Finally, there is "my Aunt" who makes me homemade dog treats with natural ingredients. Am I lucky or what?

So thank you for all you do for dogs like me. I tell every dog I meet how wonderful AGA is!

Happy New Year.....Love, Andy