Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a Note from Libby and Kingsley

Hi Everyone!

Kingsley and Libby here. We were both were part of the Adopt A Golden Atlanta program and we are sooo glad you let our mommy adopt us. Life has really turned around for us. For me (Kingsley), I don't have heartworms anymore and I get to go on adventures everyday.

Excuse me Kingsley, but those are actually called walks. My original name was Liberty Belle and I use to have the big lump on my leg. Thanks to Adopt a Golden, my leg is all better. Now that it works properly I've lost 10 pounds and the Vet says I look great (it might be that special diet she has me on though)! My brother and I get to go walking, play with the neighborhood dogs, go camping, swimming and take part in our favorite sport, sleeping.

Libby, don't forget to tell them that we also get to save our doggie allowances so that we can give back to Adopt a Golden. Mommy says its really important to help out and give back to the people who gave us so much. She also signed us up to take in fosters again. It's been really cool meeting new cousins and teaching them tricks like "Give me Five!"

Anyway, we just want to give you an update and let you know we really love our forever home.

Thank you so much!

Kingsley and Libby Ward

Ginger's Hair Grows Back!

Yes, that’s me, Ginger. You may remember me when I was naked, but my beautiful coat is almost all grown out and I look FAB! I’m so happy because when I go for walks with my mommy and daddy I get noticed for all the right reasons. Yes, that would be my natural beauty and happy disposition. Now my tail isn’t the only fluffy thing about me.
I can’t wait to go back to the beach with my great new look. I’m so happy ‘cause my new mommy will never shave me and I’ll always look pretty.
Oh, and just so you know that I'm not vain, AGA asked me to remind everyone NOT to shave your dogs. We have a coat for a reason - it keeps us warm, yes, but did you know it also keeps us cool? Not to mention that we become at risk for sunburn without it! Ouch! Sure, it's nice to be pretty, but it's important to be safe too!
Gotta go smell some more flowers! Hope you take the time to do the same this Labor Day weekend. Woof! Woof!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tator Tot "Tate" Checks in from Illinois

Here I am with my favorite toy in my favorite chair - good life, huh? Yeah, I'm a great pyrenees and not a golden but thank goodness the AGA folks were okay with that when they found me walking down the street. I was just a baby, 8 months old, and all alone! Now my life is great and I cannot wait til I get to see snow for the first time.

You see, my AGA foster mom told her sister in Illinois about me and so she came to visit, introduced me to her pup Murphy and well, the rest is history. She's now my real mom and Murphy is my "big" brother! We are THE best friends. He teaches me everything and plays with me and he's been telling me about the snow. He says that they won't be able to find me in it since I'm so white - but he's going to keep an eye out so I don't get lost! I'm not scared!!!

Murphy and I play all day, except for when Mom gets us on the bed for "quiet time" with her. She just loves on us and it's really nice. Oh, and sometimes I take a little break and sit on top of the air-conditioning vent as you can see here. Wee! That cold air on my fur feels SO good. This place is posh. I'm so lucky!!! Thank you to everyone who donates to AGA and allows good pups like me to have a happy life. It really makes a difference.

I'll send snow pictures this winter! Woof!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Luke (formerly Dudley Pup) Graduates!

What's the big deal, people? Of course I graduated! Y'all are so funny being all proud and calling me "gifted!" Just because I spent the first few months of my life on the open road doesn't mean I'm not smart. I was smart enough to get found by AGA, wasn't I? Hee hee.

Seriously, I am so happy with my new family and I'm glad I could make them happy by graduating from intermediate obedience school at the Cumming PetSmart! (I didn't even have to take the beginners class.) Next Tuesday I start the advanced classes - expect to ace those too and get my Canine Good Citizenship certification.

After that mom says it's Therapy Dogs International....then hopefully into the classroom for the Reading program she's shooting to develop up here! After this the sky is the limit! It's a blast for me so I'm in! Last weekend we went to Highlands, North Carolina for a "freestyle" event (dancing with your human) and it was so fun! How lucky was I to find these people? Thanks, AGA!

They say I'm such a happy dog and seem to smile all the time!! Well, of course it's true!

Friday, August 15, 2008

August Orphan(s) of the Month

Meet Chandler and Georgia. This golden couple are both Orphans of the Month for August. They are estimated to be 6 and 7 years old (Chandler is Georgia's older brother) and have been together their whole golden lives. Watch here to see this sweet couple enjoying life with their foster family.

Tanner (Rocky) Tells a Happy Ever After Story

If you scroll down to Jan. 29 you'll see my first story (when I was called Rocky). I had a hurt leg and I was very, very sad. A little girl fell in love with my picture and started raising lemonade stand money for me. Soon we got to meet. And then I got to live at their house. FOREVER!
As you can see, life is SO good for me. And my leg is totally fine. Thank you Adopt A Golden Atlanta - you gave me the greatest life I could ever want!

Scout - 1,300th Dog Rescued by AGA

Well, I'm the 1,300th dog that Adopt A Golden has rescued in just a few years of this biz. Boy, am I lucky. My mom had to move and left me in the backyard tied to a tree. I kept running around looking for her but every time I went around the tree the rope got tighter on my neck - ouch! After three days with only some water, I started crying. I was just so sad. But a sweet neighbor came and got me and now I'm safe and waiting for a new family! Please adopt me! Find out more by clicking on "orphans" at

Bennett and Crosby

This kid is cute! I'm glad I have him to love and I can't wait til he gets old enough to throw me the ball!