Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Andy's Awesome New "Dog Cave"

Below is a letter from Andy thanking AGA president, Lauren Genkinger, for matching him with the perfect family. He has also included a couple of photos in his special 'cave'.

Dear Lauren,

I've asked for help sending you a short note - my paws are too big for the keyboard! I'm writing to say "thank you" for matching me with the V is a forever home! I'm still a little shy sometimes, but they understand that I need some time to really relax. But you can tell I look pretty relaxed in my picture.

Can you believe I have my own "dog cave"? It's like a man cave only better! It's a covered porch with all my toys and a comfy sofa.

I love my long walks with "my guy". I'm man-shy, but "my guy" is very patient and just keeps petting and talking sweetly to me. He told his wife that resistance is futile - I'll love him best in 2012! I think he might be right.

My new family has 3 grandchildren who like to play and they treat me very well. Lots of ball throwing, chasing, pats and belly rubs. I also have a beagle "cousin" came to visit Christmas Day and she loved to play too! Finally, there is "my Aunt" who makes me homemade dog treats with natural ingredients. Am I lucky or what?

So thank you for all you do for dogs like me. I tell every dog I meet how wonderful AGA is!

Happy New Year.....Love, Andy

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Marianne said...

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you Andy and your new family!