Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Huge Milestone for AGA and Barney

AGA has reached an important and wonderful milestone! Our 312th dog of the year, Barney, is our 2500th dog saved since we began on October 1, 2003 -- 8 years ago this week and guess what... Barney is 8 years old! 

In fact, Barney's date of birth is 10-11-03... ten days after AGA opened for business.  Now you must admit, some higher power had a hand in this one!

It is appropriate that Barney is our 2,500th dog. Barney's owner died and he was being kept by a relative who did not want him taken to a shelter. This is the exact reason why we started AGA -- to work with owners who had to give up their goldens, but didn't want to take their golden to a shelter. 

Barney's caretakers placed him on Petfinders and one of our volunteers saw him.  He is now in our care. Unfortunately, Barney is in pretty bad shape as you can see in his photo. In fact, if ever a dog needed AGA, it is Barney.

Barney has Cushings Disease, which we will treat him for immediately. It simply requires daily meds. Also, he has the following: heart murmur, severe dental disease and a fractured tooth, horribly infected ears, severe arthritis in all limbs, hypothyroid, pendulous abdomen without a palpable mass, diffuse hair lose, scaling, crusting and redness of entire body with extreme leathering of the skin in numerous areas, and severe yeast overgrowth (meaning Barney does not smell like a rose.)

Despite his many medical maladies, his tail has never stopped wagging since we picked him up!

Barney will need our help and we have officially set up theBarney Fund!  We know his care will go into the thousands, so what better number to shoot for in donations but $2,500. We will keep you informed. 
Barney also needs a foster family to nurse him back to help. Can you help?

Let's give Barney a wonderful 8th year to enjoy! And HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY, AGA!

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