Monday, February 6, 2012

February's Golden Gazette Inspired Ragan

After seeing the story about Crosby in the February Golden gazette, I thought I’d send you a photo we took of our 2010 AGA adoptee, Ragan (formerly known as Russett - one of the 2010 Red Hunter Group from McDonough), and his best bud, Walker, playing in the mud in the middle of our backyard landscaping project. We call it “Dogs Behaving Badly.”

Ragan is at the top of the photo. They had a blast!

Here is Ragan on a clean day.

I am wheelchair-bound, so both Ragan and Walker help me with everyday things. Ragan is especially great at picking anything up off of the ground and handing it to me – business cards, silverware, magazines, clothes – just about anything. He also loves to close the door for me when we come back inside the house. I’m a little leery of teaching him to open the doors; not that he couldn't do it, but that he might just let himself out at will!

Goldens are such smart and loving dogs. It is amazing what a large amount of vocabulary they understand.


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